Life in the City of Light


Three months ago we sat down, amid piles of boxes, to our first Parisian breakfast; croissants, coffee, baguettes and jam. It was absolutely delicious.

We’ve repeated this weekly tradition every Sunday since. Slowly the boxes have been unpacked, books have been put on shelves, plants have been bought, the furniture has been rearranged, and we have settled into life in this city.

I can honestly say Paris feels like home. It fits me. I love living in a city. I love how close everything is, four boulangeries within a 5-minute walk of our apartment! I love strolling around this city, with its elegant buildings and tree-lined streets, and more often than not catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, rising above it all.

I love the food, and the coffee, and how easily I can make a doctors appointment. I love being able to walk nearly everywhere I want to go. If I can’t walk then the metro is fast and efficient, as are the buses. I don’t miss having a car at all, in fact, I love not having a car!

Of course, there have been low moments. My French is extremely basic and, while everyone has been very helpful and kind in shops and markets, it’s frustrating not to be able to express yourself or understand questions. I did have a pang of longing when the first snow fell in Canada. Halloween, despite the best efforts of the American Library, wasn’t quite what my son was used to. Friends and family are very much missed, but our closeness to the UK and the internet makes this so much easier to cope with.

On the whole, though the highs have far outweighed the lows. I am so looking forward to experiencing Paris at Christmas time and enjoying our first Christmas in France. Life in the City of Light is just lovely.

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