Le Petit Palais

I have often admired the outside of Le Petit Palais, but Friday was the first time I have visited. I took a tour with Dr Kelly Spearman and it was a fantastic experience. As well as being an architectural gem, Le Petit Palais contains some fabulous works of art, has a lovely cafe, and it’s free. If you find yourself in need of a break while wandering the Champs Élysée or the Tuileries, I highly recommend popping in, seeing some art, and having a nice cup of tea and a cake.

If you arrive before opening time (10 am) the beautiful doors will still be shut and you can see them in all their elaborate glory. Once inside you will find yourself in a circular hall, make sure to look up at the four gorgeous stain glass windows and also down at the beautiful floor. Then turn to your left and head into the sculpture gallery or if you need a pick-me-up head straight through to the cafe.

Gallery of Sculptures
Mother and child, one of my favourites.

After the sculptures, we headed to the Edward Tuck gallery, which contains beautiful artworks from the 18th Century. Many of which were donated by Edward Tuck and his wife Julia. I fell in love with this gorgeous Chinese lacquered cabinet


I don’t usually notice the walls in museums, which makes me think they are mostly white, but the use of colour at Le Petit Palais was perfect and highlighted, rather than detracted from the art.


I failed to take any photos of the cafe, clearly too hungry by the end of the tour! But the food was very nice. If it’s a warm day, try and grab a seat on the terrace, so you get this lovely view.

If you’re visiting Paris, I highly recommend booking a tour with Dr Kelly Spearman, she is wonderfully knowledgeable.

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