Paris 18th March 2020

It is the strangest of times. I feel like I am in a dystopian novel. A week ago I had a PTA meeting then met my book club. We chatted about the coronavirus because, of course, it was on everyone’s mind, but so were a lot of other things! The usual everyday things.

A week later and everything has changed.

My husband is working from home and my son’s school is shut. No social gatherings are permitted. The boulangerie has a sign asking only one person to enter at a time and reminding us to stand 1 metre apart.


If we leave the house we need ID and a form. We have to tick a box to say why we needed to go out. Reasons include; shopping, healthcare, work (if we are not lucky enough to be able to work from home) and individual exercise.

Life has changed so much so fast!

I’m so thankful for social media. For Facebook groups and What’s app groups. For lovely friends who make me laugh, or give me strength when I’m having a wobble. A lovely movement has also begun, where people are encouraged to gather on their balconies at 8 pm, to clap for the medical staff and all the other people who are still working. The first one was last night and it was a lovely community moment.

The first gathering at 8pm last night to applaud the healthcare workers!

Things are very odd and it is scary, but I’m with my family; we have water and food and light and heat and none of us is sick – it could be so much worse.

Where ever you are, stay safe, keep others safe, and stay positive.
Chin up buttercups!

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