Lessons from the Lockdown


 We have now been in lockdown for just under a week, although it feels like longer. My friends in Britain start their semi lockdown tomorrow, schools and restaurants have closed in the UK. So here are a few things I learnt about surviving the lockdown.

  1. Make a plan then cut that plan in half. This is not a time to be over ambitions! Aside from meals, I try to get three things done a day – work, exercise, and something fun. The same for my son. I’m a teacher and I had the crazy notion of extra extension work, but I don’t need that stress right now and neither does he.
  2. Turn off notifications on your phone. I love my What’s App groups, I adore Instagram and have even started using Facebook again, but communication has exploded this week. Choose times to catch up, message friends, and read the news, but don’t spend all your time staring at the phone.
  3. Exercise We are lucky as we have a Pelton bike, we also have Flynn (our dog) who needs walking. There are loads of online classes right now though, many of them free. Peloton is letting people use the app for a month free, their strength and yoga classes are great. Joe Wicks is also doing a PE class every morning – I’m looking forward to trying it out on Monday. It is tempting to sit on the sofa, but a 30-minute workout does turn that frown upside down, a raised heart rate and a bit of sweat is such a boost.
  4. Do something as a family every day Normal life is busy so take this opportunity to slow down. We’ve been having a daily game of Settles of Catan, sharing a poem every day, and listening to a piece of classical music. The last two only take five minutes, but bring us together in the morning and the evening.
  5. Be Sad It’s okay to be sad about cancelled plans. Yes, it’s important to be positive, but it’s also okay to feel all our feelings. Once you’ve acknowledged it, it’s easier to let it go, and bring your positive game to the rest of the day.
  6. Do Lockdown your way There are so many fantastic resources online, but you don’t have to do everything. I saw so many craft projects and felt like we really should do one, but we are not a crafty family. Luckily my suggestion was met with “why would I want to do that?” from my son. We all enjoy different things, our family enjoys board games so we’re doing that.
  7. Read I know I just said do it your way and you may not be a family who reads, but books are so wonderful and the perfect way to change your surroundings when you’re on lockdown. I’ll be posting a four reading during lockdown blogs this week. 



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